MISSION: Century Clinical Research, Inc. is dedicated to fostering good clinical trial practice that will advance the healthcare of the communities, which we serve. While bridging pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies with patients together in an evolving clinical trial and medical technology industry, the outcome will be revolutionary drug development.

Also, in addition to having professionally trained staff and adhering to FDA, GCP and ICH guidelines, patient safety remains CCRI's focus while exceeding study enrollment and completion timelines.

    Century Clinical Research, Inc. offers a full research infrastructure, including:
  • Standard Operating Procedures for clinical trials management
  • QA audit tools and procedures for FDA compliance
  • Competency documentation tools for clinical trials staff
  • Training in the clinical trials industry and FDA regulations for clinical trials staff
  • Ongoing review of clinical trials regulations and system adaptation
  • Prompt turn-around of regulatory documents, contracts, and budgets
  • One person contact for all study-related issues
  • Subject recruitment plan and execution
  • Computerized software for daily tracking of patient activity
  • Remote and internet accessibility
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